Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Confidence Sells.

Want to know the dirty little secret of why most sales people fail?  They lack the confidence it takes to effectively articulate the value of their product or service to the customer.  And why do you suppose they lack the confidence?  More often than not, it is due to a lack of preparation.  This preparation comes in two forms.  First an effective sales person must be prepared to put in the work it takes to understand their own product or service.  There is nothing worse than being tripped up on your own product.  If you are not an expert in your field....you better get there fast!   The second form of preparation is understanding your customer.  Good luck trying to sell a product to someone who is not in the market to buy.  One must first ascertain the needs of customer before he can be confident that his product or service provides a solution.

By becoming an expert in your field and understanding the needs of your customer, will you have the winning formula for increased confidence and increased sales.

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