Monday, July 29, 2013

Kforce: 5 Ways to Ruin an Interview

by Jennifer Waldrip   July 23, 2013
  5 Ways to Ruin an Interview: With so many different steps to the interview process, it is easy to forget there are many ways to be passed up for a job opportunity. While your resume might stand out, over the years our team has seen great candidates miss out on an opportunity, all because of these job interview missteps!
1.) Show up late for an interview

Timeliness is key and it’s important to remember to be punctual. If you can’t show up on time for an interview, what will that tell a potential employer about your reliability as an employee? Being on time shows you are prepared and organized, and also gives you time to shake off any pre-interview jitters.

2.) Demonstrate poor personal appearance

Always remember that it is important to dress to impress for an interview. Wearing revealing clothing, baggy clothes or displaying poor hygiene may come off as unprofessional. Wearing proper interview attire and displaying a clean appearance can help you leave a good first impression. If you are unsure on how professional to dress for the interview, keep in mind – it is always better to overdress, than underdress.

3.) Display bad manners

From bad eye contact and limp handshakes to answering or texting on your phone, these bad manners are typically major reasons a hiring manager may overlook you for a job. It’s important to stay fully engaged in the interview, giving the interviewer your full attention. Don’t forget to thank them for their time as well.

4.) Display lack of interest

You want to be able to show a potential employer what you're capable of during a job interview. This is the time to show your enthusiasm and passion for the position. Be sure to show your enthusiasm by speaking clearly and confidently and ask questions about the company and position. While you want to remain confident, it’s also important not to come off as a “know-it-all”. Instead focus on providing detailed, yet brief answers that allow you to quantify each of the accomplishments in your career. Doing your homework ahead of time by researching the company and the position can equip you with relevant questions to ask during the interview that will show your sincere interest.
5.) Reply with negative comments

When an interviewer brings up past jobs, it is always important to be honest with your experiences while keeping the topic positive. Do not bash your previous employer, but instead discuss what you learned from that experience.

There are likely many other ways to ruin an interview, but if you avoid the five bad habits above you could be one step closer to landing a new job. Remember, often times it is not the person most qualified on paper for the job that lands it, but rather the best interviewer.

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