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Tech Meetups - Week of March 11

Tech Meetups - Week of March 11

Monday, March 11, 2013

    5:00 PM
    Boulder Developer (& Designer) Coworking Collaborative
    Work on something and socialize
    8 Developers and Designers

    6:00 PM
    Solid State Depot - The Boulder Hackerspace
    Arduino Night @ SSD
    19 Hackers

    6:30 PM
    Colorado Drupal Meetups
    South Denver Drupal Meetup
    23 Drupalistas

    6:30 PM
    DDD Denver
    Lean Coffee Discussion
    13 DDDers

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    7:00 AM
    Springs.rb - Colorado Springs
    Code and Coffee
    3 Rubyists

    8:30 AM
    Inbound Marketing for SMB's - SEO and Social Media
    Turning Website Visitors Into Customers
    6 Members

    4:00 PM
    Software Quality Association of Denver
    How to Convince a Skeptic Q&A with Stephen Bender - Sponsor TBA
    26 SQuAD

    5:30 PM
    Interaction Hour
    Happy Hour!
    12 Designers

    5:30 PM
    Boulder SEO / Northern Colorado SEO
    Boulder SEO / Northern Colorado SEO Meetup
    17 Colorado SEOs

    6:00 PM
    The Denver ExpressionEngine Meetup Group
    Denver ExpressionEngine Meetup
    6 People interested in EE

    6:00 PM
    Pitch to Developers
    Pitch to Developers (Boulder)
    32 Developers & Entrepreneurs

    6:00 PM
    Introduction to Flask
    6 Pythoneers

    6:00 PM
    Boulder Android
    Boulder Android #21: CES
    15 Members

    6:30 PM
    Denver Flex User Group
    Intro to Apache Flex 4.9 and The Flash Gaming Landscape
    10 Developers

    6:30 PM
    Rocky Mountain Ruby Motion
    March Rocky Mountain Ruby Motion #RMRM
    18 Developers

    6:30 PM
    Rocky Mountain Adobe Users Group (RMAUG)
    March Meeting: Apache Flex 4.9 & The Flash Gaming Landscape
    23 RMAUG'ers

    6:30 PM
    Colorado Code for Communities
    Civic Hack Night
    3 Civic Innovators

    7:00 PM
    Denver R User Group
    50 R Users

    7:00 PM
    Lean Engagement
    Lean Engagement - Working with Customers
    11 Leansters

    7:30 PM
    Solid State Depot - The Boulder Hackerspace
    Open House - Every Tuesday
    6 Hackers

    8:00 PM
    denhac - The Denver Hackerspace
    7 Hackers

    8:00 PM
    denhac - The Denver Hackerspace
    Open House
    3 Hackers

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

    12:00 PM
    Denver Digital Marketing for Small Business
    5 Keys to Online Success for Small Business
    11 Digital Marketers

    12:30 PM
    DaVinci Coders
    Brownbag Wednesdays
    4 Coders

    5:30 PM
    SheSays Boulder
    Crafting Customer Experience: A UX workout.
    49 Members
    5:30 PM
    Denver Java Users Group
    Presentation Patterns and Rocking the Gradle
    45 Java Developers

    6:00 PM
    Learn about the UX of, free online project management
    17 Front-End Ballerz

    6:00 PM
    Denver Salesforce Platform Developer User Group
    Denver Salesforce Developer Meetup - Advanced Apex Programming
    17 Developers

    6:00 PM
    The Boulder Agile Software Meetup Group
    Eat and drink (for free, as in beer), and learn about
    24 Agile Software Supporters

    6:00 PM
    Boulder/Denver BigData Meetup
    NoSQL Technology & Analytics with MongoDB and Precog
    174 Data Geeks

    6:00 PM
    Full Stack
    Pairing on High/Low Tests
    18 Coders

    6:00 PM
    Denver MongoDB User Group
    Free Beer, Discuss MongoDB + nodeJS, Celebrate the launch of ZingProject
    12 Mongo Enthusiasts

    6:00 PM
    Boulder JS
    Learn about ZingProject, a web application running javascript from DB to UI
    21 Members

    6:30 PM
    Colorado Drupal Meetups
    The Boulder Drupal Meetup
    10 Drupalistas

    7:00 PM
    Refresh Denver
    Mobile Web Apps: Looking Forward
    15 Web Designers + Developers

    7:00 PM
    Colorado independent Game Developers Association (CiGDA)
    Sprite Night!
    20 Indie Game Geeks

Thursday, March 14, 2013

    9:00 AM
    Web Startup 101
    Web Startup 101 Workshop
    10 Web Startup Adventurers

    11:30 AM
    University of Colorado Computational Science and Engineering
    Python Plotting with Matplotlib
    25 Members

    5:00 PM
    Boulder Ruby on Beer
    Ruby on Beer Monthly Meeting
    22 Members

    5:30 PM
    Colorado Inventors
    Come to the Denver Inventor Meetup
    5 inventors

    5:30 PM
    Denver Mobile Development Study Group
    Group Meeting
    5 Members

    5:30 PM
    Denver SQL Server User Group
    Denver SQL Server UG - Certification Study Group
    3 SQL Family

    6:00 PM
    Rocky Mountain Cisco Users Group
    Unified Access - Mark Kasper
    20 RMCUG Members

    6:00 PM
    Boulder Resilience Engineering the Web (BREW)
    Lightning Infra Talks: Gnip, OpDemand, OpsCode
    11 Members

    6:00 PM
    The Den of Clojure
    The Power of Emacs and PuppetDB
    14 Clojure enthusiasts

    6:30 PM
    Denver Scala User Group
    14 Members

    6:30 PM
    All things Cloud: PaaS, SaaS, IaaS & XaaS
    Creativity In The Cloud (and a free cloud costing simulator demo!)
    19 Cloud Connoisseurs

    6:30 PM
    Rocking MODX in Denver - learning and building with MODX
    MODX and Wordpress - a side by side comparison
    9 MODX'ers

    7:00 PM
    CocoaHeads iOS and Mac Developer Meetup
    CocoaHeads March: Introduction to Cocos3d
    14 CocoaHeads

    7:00 PM
    The Denver Web Technologies Meetup Group
    The Denver Web Technologies Meetup Group Monthly Meetup
    24 Web Technicians

    7:00 PM
    Stapleton Geeks
    March Madness
    7 Geeks

Friday, March 15, 2013

    11:00 AM
    WordPress Interactive Training
    Managing Multiple Users in WordPress (multiple bloggers/authors/guest bloggers)
    6 WordPress Enthusiasts

    2:00 PM
    Data Science & Business Analytics
    Yottamine Machine Learning Demo Fri. March 15 @2pm MST
    5 Members

    6:30 PM
    PGP Key Signing and HOWTO Setup SMTPS, IMAPS and HTTPS
    8 Members

Saturday, March 16, 2013

    10:00 AM
    Raspberry Pi Mix
    Mixing It Up with the Programming from Scratch PPLD group!
    8 Pi Makers & Mixers

    1:00 PM
    denhac - The Denver Hackerspace
    I Got a Raspberry Pi...Now What?
    3 Hackers

    1:00 PM
    denhac - The Denver Hackerspace
    Repair It! with Needle and Thread
    3 Hackers

    1:00 PM
    Solid State Depot - The Boulder Hackerspace
    PCB Etching Workshop

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