Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tech Trends I wish I would see in 2013 - but won't

So I have officially been on vacation for 10-days and I have truly enjoyed the time away from the office. It has given me time to spend some time with my family enjoying the holidays.  It has also given me time to notice what a minefield it can be to simply watch a football game with my six year old and not be bombarded by commercials so violent and demeaning as to almost make it unbearable.

This got me thinking of few trends that I would like to see in 2013 - but know won't happen.
  1. Cable Ala Carte - Why not allow the consumer to pick and choose the programming they want without all of the trash they don't?  It simply makes too much sense.
  2. Commercial blocking - Allow me to block out commercials that I find objectionable.  Why advertise Call of Duty on a Lassie movie?
The first cable / satellite company and network to provide effective user control of content will certainly find  a receptive market.  Unfortunately, the barriers of entry are too massive and the forces of the status quo are too great.  But we can still hope can't we?


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